QIRT (Quality In Real Time)

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Location: Floral Park, NY
Founded: 2006
Industry: Post-acute healthcare providers

QIRT (Quality In Real Time)

Laura Page-Greifinger
President and CEO


QIRT stands for Quality in Real Time — the company’s original name, until a rebrand two years ago. Its services include compliance and quality-cycle management for post-acute healthcare providers, such as home care agencies, hospices and nursing homes. President and CEO Laura Page-Greifinger decided to launch QIRT as a result of problems she observed as an industry consultant. “I have always believed people should receive the appropriate reimbursement for the services they are providing, and we found that organizations were not being appropriately reimbursed, but were still providing the services, thereby causing themselves additional expenses,” says Page-Greifinger.

Quick Tip: “A great leader expects responsibility and accountability, and is tough but fair with employees.”

Once QIRT began to sign contracts and perform work, “clients were very impressed by what they were seeing in terms of the services we supplied to them,” says Page-Greifinger. “QIRT went above and beyond in terms of service and quality because I approached agencies from a different mindset — as though I was running that agency.” QIRT acquired two companies in 2016, after being approached by the owners of each. The deals were helpful to QIRT because “the owners had nationally recognized personas in areas where QIRT could benefit from additional visibility,” says Page-Greifinger. “QIRT now is very well-rounded in all divisions, and we have grown due to these acquisitions.”