Pro Gym Supply

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Location: West Babylon, NY
Founded: 2010
Industry: Sporting goods

Pro Gym Supply

Alex Gorgowicz
President and CEO


Pro Gym Supply sells pre-owned and certified re-manufactured commercial gym equipment. “We buy back trade-ins and off-lease equipment and sell them to a network of dealers located across the globe,” says president and CEO Alex Gorgowicz. “Through a combination of low-cost, high-quality options, backed with industry-leading customer service, Pro Gym Supply has been able to surpass growth projections for three years straight.” Another differentiator for the company: Gorgowicz himself has more than 15 years of industry experience, which combines with 30 years’ experience between the top sales and management team.

Quick Tip: “You cannot lead with an emotionless, calculated, cunning mind. You can manage with one, but not lead. You need to lead with your heart and earn the respect of the people you surround yourself with.” 

Pro Gym Supply’s road to success has also been paved with financial responsibility. “Sometimes, it’s not a bad idea to count the pennies along with the dollars,” says Gorgowicz. “Reinvesting the earnings back into the business to purchase better tools and better equipment, and spending more on marketing ourselves was a wise decision. … With few vendors offering terms, you need enough cash flow to make good inventory purchases, and we’re proud to say that our inventory is paid in full.” Currently, Pro Gym Supply’s goal is to build up enough cash to build a new facility.