Pharmapacks, LLC

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Location: College Point, NY
Founded: 2010
Industry: Retail

Pharmapacks, LLC

Andrew Vagenas


Pharmapacks, LLC is a health and beauty e-retailer that operates on and is driven by homegrown technology. The company sells more than 20,000 stock-keeping units (SKUs) on its own platform, as well as other platforms. Pharmapacks’ unique platform and its processes have helped propel the company to rapid growth. To overcome the challenges that come with this kind of growth, Pharmapacks relies on its technological prowess. “Any time we have a problem, our goal is to try and come up with a technical solution for it. We have had many bumps, but our technology has led the way,” says CEO Andrew Vagenas.

Quick Tip: “A great leader should be patient, nimble, confident, open-minded, and lead by example.”

Pharmapacks’ technological solutions allow it to compile data on its users. This includes shopping patterns, market demand, price fluctuations and more. Though technology is a key growth factor for the company, Vagenas also credits Pharmapacks’ fulfillment process as a competitive advantage. “With this process, we are able to keep all of our selling and shipping metrics extremely high. We also can pick, pack and ship over 20,000 SKUs with efficiency,” he says.