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Location: Mineola, NY
Founded: 1956
Industry: Law firm

Kelly, Rode & Kelly, LLP

Shawn P. Kelly
Senior Partner


Kelly, Rode & Kelly, LLP specializes in insurance defense, representing physicians, hospitals, nurses, healthcare institutions as well as homeowners, business owners and drivers who find themselves as defendants in a civil lawsuit. The firm has recently seen an important change in its field. “There’s now a focus on … mediation, arbitration and summary jury trials, which are forums where resolutions are much less lengthy, less expensive and, in many respects, helpful to litigants on both sides of the spectrum,” says Shawn P. Kelly, senior partner at Kelly, Rode & Kelly, LLP. “That has been a fairly significant development in our field, maybe in the last four or five years, and that’s not going away. To some extent, that’s the way to the future.”

Quick Tip: “[A great leader is] someone who has a vision and has an ability to motivate employees, and someone who is willing to roll up their sleeves themselves.”

For Kelly, Rode & Kelly, reputation and preparation are key to success. “One has to be prepared for taking on any type of a case, or trial or task, and then, one has to have a reputation that is earned and respected by members of the bar and the bench, meaning lawyers and judges,” says Kelly. The firm has made strides in expanding its client base by being more focused on giving seminars and presentations to demonstrate its expertise and reaching out to some new practice areas where Kelly, Rode & Kelly believes it is capable of demonstrating expertise.