IRI: Innovative Resources for Independence

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Location: Queens Village, NY
Founded: 1984
Industry: Nonprofit

IRI: Innovative Resources for Independence

Raymond J. DeNatale
Executive Director


IRI: Innovative Resources for Independence was founded when no other agency would take on the responsibility of supporting individuals who were visually impaired, were on the autism spectrum, or had some other physical disability, says executive director Raymond J. DeNatale. When DeNatale joined the team in 2001, the nonprofit’s board asked him to increase the breadth of its offerings to go beyond residential services. Today, the organization provides residential service, but also day support, employment services and family support services. Each year, IRI helps 1,500 people, and this has helped it become a compass agency through the New York State Office of People with Developmental Disabilities. DeNatale says only 17 of 600 agencies have achieved such recognition.

Quick Tip: “Don’t be concerned about all the roadblocks that may exist today that may prohibit you from getting there.”

In an industry and market with many similar providers, DeNatale says that IRI’s commitment is what sets it apart. “If we are asked to support an individual, and we offer to support that individual, we will be committed to supporting that individual for the rest of their life in whatever they need, up until the time that we either can’t support them because of medical reasons, or because they decided to seek those supports somewhere else,” he says. That commitment would be nothing without delivery, and IRI says it excels in that aspect as well.