IIT Inc.

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Location: Melville, NY
Founded: 1995
Industry: Professional and financial services

IIT Inc.

Dinesh Gulati
Managing Director and CEO


IIT Inc. is a mid-sized IT, professional services, consulting and staffing firm that works with government clients and Fortune 1000 companies nationwide. When the company was founded, few competitors had people with prior backgrounds in IT, and most lacked the depth of technical knowledge that set IIT apart. This created a void in the industry, and it was one IIT was happy to fill. During the company’s early years, it focused on the financial and investment banking industries. However, following the terrorist attacks of 2001, IIT added government clients, creating a stable revenue base that has allowed it to thrive and grow.

Quick Tip: “Be flexible. Spend more time on hiring and developing staff.”

Managing director and CEO Dinesh Gulati says industry focus and resilience have been the top growth factors for IIT. While the changing economic cycles have certainly impacted the company’s business, IIT has always survived and managed this volatility by reducing fixed costs and opting for a variable-cost subcontracting model. What’s more, by focusing on select industries, the company has been able to prioritize large customers and continue to grow with them. Going forward, Gulati wants to focus on hiring additional good people at IIT, including for the senior executive team. He is also planning an expansion to other states.