Hotel Indigo East End

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Location: Riverhead, NY
Founded: 1972
Industry: Hospitality

Hotel Indigo East End

Rob Salvatico
President and COO


Hotel Indigo East End is a family-owned hotel development and management company with a primary operating focus on Long Island’s east end. The company has two hotels, one full-service and the other select-service. Operated by a father, son and uncle, Hotel Indigo was founded with the idea of building something together that the family could grow with. What’s more, the family worked to build up the hospitality market on Long Island. “We are very much one of those hospitable, love-all-people, love-to-serve and entertain-all type families,” says president and COO Rob Salvatico. This mindset, combined with the company’s passion for filling a need on Long Island, has led to significant growth.

Quick Tip: “Enjoy success, but never take it for granted. You have to keep changing if you want to be successful.”

The company’s first hotel was sold in 2007, and with it went its team, which Salvatico describes as a family. When the company opened its next hotel, rebuilding such a strong team under a cohesive culture was a real challenge. “It was the number-one reason we struggled in the early years on the east end. It has taken us almost 10 years to get back to where we’ve got a phenomenal team, a phenomenal culture, and we now know we will not let this team go again,” says Salvatico. In fact, he says that Hotel Indigo East End’s current team is the company’s number-one competitive advantage.