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Location: Ronkonkoma, NY
Founded: 2011
Industry: Healthcare

Focus Rx

Lou Puleo


Focus Rx offers specialty and home-infusion pharmacy services to patients, providers, manufacturers and payers. “With an aging population that is dealing with more complex and chronic diseases, coupled with advances in medicine, there has been a growing need for our company to offer difference-making services that provide positive patient outcomes,” says Lou Puleo, CEO of Focus Rx. “We have built an experienced leadership team, recruited top-class staff members and successfully put the patient back in patient care in an industry that has become somewhat commoditized.”

Quick Tip: “A leader provides motivation by enabling people to do what they are already capable of doing.” 

In Focus Rx’s early days, the company funded itself through profits and sought out alternative lending to bridge the gap. “Eventually, we found and partnered with a traditional lender that understood our story and had the desire to grow with us,” says Puleo. “That cash-flow scenario, though challenging, continues to force us to think hard about where our business needs are today and where they are going. It is one of many elements that help us make tough decisions and take our business in the right direction.” Given the fast pace of its industry, Focus Rx doesn’t look out more than two or three years, but the company plans to double its business in 2018 and 2019.