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Location: Long Island City, NY
Founded: 1977
Industry: Technology


Yoly Del Prado

Matthew Orent
Director of Sales and Marketing


EIA has three distinct businesses in energy, infrastructure and security. The company helps make its clients’ buildings more energy-efficient, builds out fiber or wireless networks, and provides CCTV and access controls. For EIA, growth has been a result of reevaluating its go-to-market strategy. By looking at how the company can demonstrate greater value and differentiate itself in a somewhat commoditized business landscape, EIA has been able to go after opportunities that were previously out of reach.   

Quick Tip: “[A great leader] gives the people the credit when things go well, and takes responsibility when things don’t go too well.” 

Like most fast-growing businesses, EIA has found it a challenge to identify the right talent. Another issue has been the need to examine the company’s processes and procedures to ensure they can scale. Along the way, EIA’s leadership team has learned a few valuable lessons. They include the importance of paying attention to detail as growth produces new challenges that the company previously hadn’t had to deal with. Over the next few years, EIA wants to adjust its business model to ensure that blue-collar, hands-on work and white-collar engineering work become equal revenue drivers.