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Location: Mineola, NY
Founded: 1996
Industry: Media/PR

2-Time Winner


David Pasternack
Co-founder and CEO


Didit was conceived when CEO David Pasternack and his co-founder Kevin Lee became frustrated that they didn’t know whether their websites were indexed into the search engines that existed at the time. The two realized this was a need for every business, and developed a solution. As Didit grew, its founders recognized the need for SEO as well. Since then, the company has added even more services, and today Didit offers marketing, PR and digital services. Flexibility and the ability to sniff out new trends have been its competitive edge. “We have the intuitiveness to change company direction when we can sense a new opportunity or potential seed [of] change in the world of marketing and communications,” says Pasternack.

Quick Tip: “When you’ve got employees who are not compatible with your culture, they tend to evangelize their own beliefs, and that can do real harm to an organization.”

One of the biggest challenges Didit has faced has been finding the right new hires, and making sure they fit in with the company’s culture. “While there may be many prospects with the right education or credentials, I cannot over-emphasize the need for a good cultural fit. At times in the past, we have thought we’d found a good candidate only to discover that they didn’t fit culturally,” says Pasternack. By hiring primarily for cultural compatibility, and training for any lacking skills, Didit has been able to maintain its focus and grow.