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Location: Syosset, NY
Founded: 1989
Industry: Technology

2-Time Winner

DCI – Design Communications LLC

Charbel Zreik


DCI – Design Communications LLC is an integrated provider of telecommunications, data solutions, IP converged networks, high-speed internet access for in-room internet, and hosted voice solutions. The company combines technology with 24/7/365 service and support to meet the needs of the hospitality, healthcare and retail industries. It’s this extensive customer service that sets the company apart and allows it to grow continuously. “Our support teams respond quickly and professionally when customers have a need, and we don’t rest until the matter is resolved,” says CEO Charbel Zreik. In the future, the company hopes to be recognized as a hospitality-vertical specialist, with the vision of serving as a “highly reliable, efficient and technical company embracing values and concerns the same way as a hotel concierge,” says Zreik.

Quick Tip: “You need your full team onboard with where you’re going.”

One of the biggest challenges the company has faced on its road to growth has been continually hiring the right people, and bringing them on board in a timely manner that doesn’t place too much strain on cash flow. Once the company has the right people, it works diligently to retain that top talent because, Zreik says, he has learned the importance of being able to delegate to other employees who are responsible and accountable. With its talent strategy firmly in place, the company is poised for significant revenue growth over the next decade.