Dashboard Enterprises, Inc.

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Location: Plainview, NY
Founded: 2012
Industry: Profitability and CFO consulting

Dashboard Enterprises, Inc.

Carol Soman


Dashboard Enterprises, Inc. helps owners grow their businesses with full awareness of the financial impact of their decisions. “We bring our clients the benefit of top-level executive financial and operational expertise,” says CEO Carol Soman. “We identify profit leaks, streamline operations, create growth strategies and help companies master the art of cash flow.” Dashboard’s mission is to generate more income, and therefore a better quality of life, for the leaders it works with. “We help our clients to clarify where their business is today, create a plan for the future and keep them on course to maximize profits,” says Soman.

Quick Tip: “The great leader understands that each individual is unique, and leadership must be unique to nurture the development of the team.”

Dashboard soon started growing at an unexpected rate, which meant Soman found herself micro-managing staff who weren’t ready to take on the projects the company was being retained for. “Because I had to spend more time managing and doing fieldwork, I had to sacrifice the time I needed to do business development,” she says. “To overcome this, I retained professionals who could manage the fieldwork and maintain a presence onsite with the client.” Soman also joined two CEO peer advisory groups that helped her get through roadblocks. “I have learned that being a CEO means you have to schedule time to work on the business as if it was one of your clients’,” says Soman.