Costello’s Ace Hardware

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Location: Deer Park, NY
Founded: 1973
Industry: Retail

Costello’s Ace Hardware

Michael Costello


Costello’s Ace Hardware is a 26-store, growing retail hardware store and home center chain. A sea change in the Long Island retail landscape in the 1990s created an opening that boosted the company’s growth. “When big boxes started to arrive, it caused the exit of retailers like Channel, Rickel and Pergament,” says Michael Costello, president of Costello’s Ace Hardware. “There was a need for a mid-sized hardware store and home center.” The company’s affiliation with the Ace Hardware brand has been another important factor in its growth, for example by providing access to special programs that assisted in branch-store growth.

Quick Tip: “A great leader is someone who can turn his own inspiration into a vision and then inspire others to realize that vision.”

Success at Costello’s Ace Hardware continues to be fueled by an aggressive spirit and desire to grow that goes back to the company’s late founder, Vincent Costello. “My father Vinnie had tremendous vision and work ethic — and he wasn’t afraid to make mistakes,” says Michael Costello. Costello’s Ace Hardware spent its first 40 years growing in two counties on Long Island, but it eventually ran out of viable locations to expand. “The thirst for growth is taking us to areas that we never knew we could operate in,” says Costello. “It’s pretty exciting for our team to see and be a part of the growth trajectory.  Some of them have been with us for more than 25 years.”