Cornerstone Real Estate Services, LLC

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Location: Smithtown, NY
Founded: 2013
Industry: Real estate

Cornerstone Real Estate Services, LLC

Tamir Mori
Owner and Broker


“Real estate is a tough field, and it’s even tougher to find good people,” says Tamir Mori, owner and broker at Cornerstone Real Estate Services, LLC. “I am lucky to have found a few gems and built around them, while continuing to grow and increase the company’s … influence in Long Island and Queens.” In fact, hiring the right people forms a key part of Mori’s leadership mantra, and that fact has helped drive Cornerstone Real Estate Services’ growth, he says.

Quick Tip: “First go to the core of who you are — so be human first, and then be a man and then be a businessman.”

To avoid bottlenecks during fast growth, Mori has relied on technology and good relationships, including with banks and vendors. He has also learned that patience is essential in leading a fast-growing company: “You have to wait to see the cycle of things before you can make a full conclusion on anything. [It’s] nice to jump and run and see results, but even good results need to be tempered on the slow simmer, because good results today [might] not be good results tomorrow.” Over the next five years, Mori plans to have three or four fully functioning Cornerstone Real Estate Services locations, covering Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens and possibly Brooklyn. In 10 years, he says, he wants the company to compete at the national level.