CondeBoyce, LLP

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Location: Jericho, NY
Founded: 2014
Industry: Accounting

CondeBoyce, LLP

Mario Conde and Joseph Boyce


In 2013, Louis Ambrico, partner at accounting firm Ambrico & Conde, made the decision to retire and sell his book of business. For Ambrico’s partner, Mario Conde, this provided the perfect opportunity to make a change. Conde partnered with Joseph Boyce, another local CPA, to purchase Ambrico’s book of business and solidify a merger that would result in what is now CondeBoyce, LLP. Today, CondeBoyce specializes in outsourced CFO services, general accounting and tax consulting. Though the company does very little marketing for itself, growth has remained a constant, thanks to referrals from business partners who are satisfied with the firm’s work.

Quick Tip: “A great leader does not stay stagnant. Don’t be afraid to change and grow.”

As a boutique firm, CondeBoyce faces challenges that aren’t felt as deeply in larger, more well-known firms, such as staffing issues. The solution has been to find young talent, and groom them into strong contributors. The firm often recruits interns from nearby schools and trains them, and brings in accounting majors who are able to learn and quickly move up through the ranks to become senior accountants. In the next five years, CondeBoyce plans to grow its revenue significantly, and by the time it hits the 10-year mark, it intends to be a major firm in the New York metropolitan area.