Cirrus Data Solutions, Inc.

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Location: Syosset, NY
Founded: 2011
Industry: Technology, storage and storage migration

Cirrus Data Solutions, Inc.

Wayne Lam
Founder, Chairman and CEO


Cirrus Data Solutions, Inc. provides data migration solutions for the enterprise market. “Innovation and speed are the two main drivers of our success,” says founder, chairman and CEO Wayne Lam. “The Cirrus Data team has been together for nearly three decades. With this much longevity as a team in the market, we are a well-oiled innovation machine. What keeps us focused is our passion for this industry. It isn’t easy and [it’s] constantly changing, which makes this an exciting segment of the technology market.”

Quick Tip: “A leader shouldn’t need to feel they’re the smartest person in the room.”

With more and more devices generating more and more data — and businesses having to decide where to keep all that data — the sky is the limit for Cirrus Data. “Early on, we recognized that while many were focused on what the storage environment would look like in the future, no one was thinking about how to get the data onto the new technology. It is a real problem for businesses that can cost millions,” says Lam. Cirrus Data’s primary product, the Data Migration Server (DMS), is designed to address that problem. To stay ahead of the market, Cirrus Data has released a new version of DMS every year, adding new functionalities such as remote configuration capabilities or cloud migration tools. Going forward, says Lam, “we’ll continue to focus on things we can control — innovation, profitability and customer success. We’ve only scratched the surface of this market.”