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Location: Melville, NY
Founded: 1948
Industry: Professional services

Central Business Systems

Michael Chambers


Tobias Infante, the original proprietor of Central Business Systems (Central Typewriter) started the company in a storefront office in Baldwin, NY, where he sold typewriter equipment and related office products and services. “Since then, Central has been looked upon as one of Long Island’s most stable companies in terms of growth and continuity,” says president Michael Chambers. “After … decades of innovative office technology, Central celebrates more than 65 years in business under family proprietorship, and is widely recognized as an industry leader in total document and imaging solutions, as well as all forms of IT professional services.”

Quick Tip: “The best-thought-out plans aren’t worth the paper they are written on if you can’t pull them off. A great leader is one who recognizes how execution on a business is what defines the true greatness in a company.”   

The greatest challenge for Central has been aligning the company’s processes with its vision for growth, in a way that linked together the company’s people, strategy and operations. Achieving this goal has taught Chambers the importance of “creating clarity and achieving alignment, [and] having a cohesive leadership team.” Over the next five years, Chambers’ goal is to have IT services represent 50 percent of Central’s core revenue.