CargoTrans, Inc.

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Location: Valley Stream, NY
Founded: 1989
Industry: Import/export

CargoTrans, Inc.

Nunzio De Filippis


CargoTrans, Inc. provides customs brokerage, freight forwarding and third-party logistics services. The company has grown as the complexity of international trade has increased. “The world of global trade and logistics is more challenging than ever before,” says Nunzio De Filippis, CEO and COO of CargoTrans. “[Due to] increasingly complex international trade agreements and compliance issues, as well as heightened security concerns, businesses need the support of knowledgeable trade experts.” As the company’s structure and technology changed over the years, its leadership sometimes faced resistance from employees.  But once those changes started to work and helped make people’s jobs easier, “it really helped catapult us to where we are today, and allowed us to open up more offices and take on more business,” says De Filippis.

Quick Tip: “[A great leader is] someone who leads with actions over words and is smart enough to surround himself with people who are smarter than he is.” 

In leading CargoTrans, De Filippis has learned that communication is crucial. “It is very important to ensure the management team is rowing together in the right direction, and that they clearly communicate the direction of the company with their teams,” he says. “It shouldn’t be just the upper management who has a clear idea and a vision of why certain decisions are made.” Going forward, De Filippis plans to fuel CargoTrans’ growth with further international expansion in Italy, India and China, and through strategic acquisitions.