Business Dynamics Inc.

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Location: Melville, NY
Founded: 1998
Industry: Healthcare

Business Dynamics Inc.

Barbara Cataletto
President and CEO


When Business Dynamics Inc. president and CEO Barbara Cataletto worked as a receptionist in a spine surgeon’s office, she became aware of the difficulties in the patient claims and reimbursement processes. Today, Cataletto makes a difference in the spine industry through Business Dynamics, the parent company of Business Dynamics RCM and The Business of Spine. Through these companies, Cataletto educates spine industry professionals and provides revenue-cycle management. As the only companies focused solely on the spine industry, Business Dynamics RCM and The Business of Spine “have identified a niche market and are the sole companies dedicated to meeting the needs of that market,” says Cataletto.

Quick Tip: “Humility, perseverance and the ability to adapt [are necessary to become a truly great leader].”

One of Cataletto’s greatest challenges in running Business Dynamics has been navigating the complexities that come with starting a business. “You have to be ready, have to have done your preparation and planning. You have to give it all your attention and be determined to succeed. There will be decisions to be made on a daily basis and you have to be ready to make them, both the easy ones and the hard ones,” she says. Over the years, Cataletto has learned to stay true to the core of the company, and to make sure her staff is always engaged and in the loop.