American Red Cross on Long Island

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Location: Mineola, NY
Founded: 1917
Industry: Nonprofit

American Red Cross on Long Island

Neela Mukherjee Lockel


The American Red Cross on Long Island serves more than 2.8 million people in Nassau and Suffolk counties, responding to emergencies across the region with shelter, food and emotional support. This June, the American Red Cross will be celebrating 100 years of service to the Long Island community. “A factor that has remained constant through the years and … has helped the Red Cross continue to provide services is the work of its dedicated volunteers,” says Neela Mukherjee Lockel, CEO of American Red Cross on Long Island. “Volunteers often leave their families in times of disaster to help others. They can be on deployment for weeks at a time, assisting communities as they get back on their feet.”

Quick Tip: “A great leader is someone who is proactive and takes action.” 

One challenge on Long Island is cultivating young volunteers to become the next generation of disaster responders. There are more than 100 school districts to communicate with, “and cultivating collaborative relationships to keep up the demand is a challenge we are beginning to overcome,” says Lockel. “Currently, we are working with the manager of volunteer services to encourage club growth in high schools. These clubs will be the groundwork for the next generation of volunteers.” The American Red Cross’s goal for the next few years is to have Long Island communities, corporations, businesses and individuals recognize it as a resource for the community, not only a disaster agency. “The work we do with preparedness and prevention is instrumental in keeping Long Island resilient in good times and bad,” says Lockel.