Alure Home Improvements

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Location: East Meadow, NY
Founded: 1946
Industry: Contractor

Alure Home Improvements

Sal Ferro
President and CEO


Alure Home Improvements is a remodeling contractor working in all areas of home improvement, including kitchens, bathrooms, siding, windows, roofing and more. The company’s growth has been driven by a commitment to diversification in products and services. Another key has been “hiring and finding the right people and nurturing them, allowing them to grow, and developing leaders within the company,” says Sal Ferro, president and CEO of Alure Home Improvements.

Quick Tip: “[Be] prepared to navigate through change and [know] that change is inevitable.”

As Alure Home Improvements grew, one of the biggest balancing acts has been keeping up with production and delivering on clients’ expectations. “We’ve always focused on what I would say is controlled and sustainable growth — trying to grow at a pace that we’re comfortable with,” says Ferro. “We’ve gone through ups and downs. … I think the lesson is always making sure you have good people in place, and having a good culture so you can navigate through all those challenges.” Over the next five to 10 years, Alure Home Improvements plans to continue along a path of growth, which includes providing opportunities for employees.