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Location: Kew Gardens, NY
Founded: 1993
Industry: Design

2-Time Winner


Fran Biderman-Gross
CEO and Strategista


Advantages was founded as a homegrown printing company, but has since expanded into purpose-driven marketing strategy and brand management. “The Advantages team holds over 20 years of experience in getting companies noticed,” says Fran Biderman-Gross, CEO and strategista. “Advantages inspires action and generates passionate brand followers.” The company does this by taking companies beyond what they thought was possible for them. One of Advantages’ stated goals is to take one business from obscurity to national and global recognition each year over the next decade.

Quick Tip: “Ultimately, it’s about growing your team to be leaders and not micro-managing the projects but rather, as the leader, looking at the big picture. Focus on the team to lead as well as deliver.”

The biggest challenge along the way for Biderman-Gross was losing her husband and business partner in 2001. This forced her to take the lead in reinventing the company without him. Then, in 2008, Advantages’ largest client defaulted on $250,000 in billings. Through Biderman-Gross’s leadership and tenacity, the company landed a multimillion-dollar client and expanded into new offices in the heart of Queens. “We don’t believe in obstacles,” she says. “When others are ready to give up or deem something impossible, we don’t.”