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Location: Freeport, NY
Founded: 1996
Industry: Payroll services

Advantage Payroll Services LI

Robert Basso


Advantage Payroll Services LI has more than 35 years of payroll experience, and has tailored that experience to the needs of small and mid-sized businesses. “We take the onerous task of payroll and make it an easier, less time-consuming experience so business owners can focus on their most important task — growing their business,” says president Robert Basso. “The majority of our team are seasoned, long-term veterans of Advantage who believe in our company, our mission and our product. Our VP of operations has been here almost 20 years, our senior customer-service representatives are all here upwards of 15 years, and our operations manager has been here over a decade.”

Quick Tip: “A great leader is able to make and sell decisions that aren’t popular in the short term, but are healthy for the long term.” 

Despite that kind of longevity, Advantage has occasionally experienced hiring challenges. “One major challenge was bringing new employees on and up to speed fast enough to meet customer demand without over-straining our current team,” says Basso. “We had some rough periods when my employees were really under a tremendous strain, but we always got through it.” In the next five years, Advantage  plans to expand its capabilities in human-capital management to meet the changing needs of its client base. While the company already has clients in 48 states, it plans to keep expanding its offices and staff along the East Coast.