Carolinas HealthCare System/Continuing Care

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Collin Lane
SVP, Continuing Care Services
Location: Charlotte, NC

Carolinas HealthCare System / Continuing Care

“The Tree of Life” serves as Carolinas HealthCare System / Continuing Care’s logo, but for the team, the graphic represents much more. The nine branches of the tree each symbolize an important guiding principle, including gentleness, justice and generosity. At the very top of the tree is courage. With more than 60,000 employees spread across Carolinas HealthCare System’s footprint, the Tree of Life serves as a connection point, whether employees are bedside, behind a screen or out in the community. The idea of connection is very important to Carolinas HealthCare, and is revisited before every meeting, when team members share stories that connect the company’s work to a greater purpose. These stories are often deeply emotional, and cover all of the work Carolinas HealthCare takes on, from nursing homes to hospice care to physician practices.

“At Carolinas HealthCare System, we are one team, sharing one mission, guided by one belief and providing care as one system.”