Ballantyne Medical Associates

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Lauren Buck
Practice Manager

Candy Bennetti
Clinical Supervisor
Location: Charlotte, NC

Ballantyne Medical Associates

One wall of the break room at Ballantyne Medical Associates is covered with notes of gratitude and encouragement left for employees by other team members. This wall serves as a morale booster, and helps the company keep its team strong. According to Lauren Buck and Candy Bennetti, the wall is an important way for the company to continuously appreciate the hard work and dedication of its employees, and to Ballantyne, this type of communication is the core of corporate culture. Buck and Bennetti also encourage the team to voice their ideas for improving the company. A focus on communication, especially in the form of annual reviews, has made leadership at Ballantyne more authentic, accountable and transparent.

“We always have competitions going on in our office to boost morale and also production. Currently, the front-end staff publicly charts their productivity numbers for the week, and the winner gets to choose from different incentives.”