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Location: Elridge, MD
Founded: 2009
Industry: Digital marketing

2-Time Winner


Chris Mechanic


WebMechanix helps mid-market companies grow their leads, sales and revenues from the web. “We’re a team of innovators, technologists, creators, trailblazers. We’re data geeks, learnaholics, dreamers, doers,” says CEO Chris Mechanic. “We live by a set of core values that’s as old as the company itself.” Those values include daring to dream big, staying nimble in the face of challenges, enriching someone’s life every day, and more. “We’re constantly asking, ‘What are we doing right now to move the needle for our clients?’ because we believe that small, frequent wins quickly add up to be more meaningful than bigger, but less regular wins,” says Mechanic.

Quick Tip: “True leaders don’t just give orders. They lead by demonstration and forge ahead with an iron willpower to succeed.”

Strategic hires have been one major factor in WebMechanix’ growth. In recent years, the company has hired a new CTO with more than 15 years of web development experience, a COO who has helped organize WebMechanix’ operations to deliver quick results, and an office manager who has taken over key functions such as internal HR, billing and vendor management.  “All of these hires were operational, non-billable members of our team. This was an unprecedented step for us and certainly felt risky at the time,” says Mechanic. “But the decision to hire these outstanding people has made all the difference to our growth and the success of our clients.”