Visionist, Inc.

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Location: Columbia, MD
Founded: 2010
Industry: Technology

2-Time Winner

Visionist, Inc.

Chris Berry
President and Co-founder

Brian Lehman
Vice President and Co-founder


Visionist, Inc. delivers software solutions that pull business insights out of a sea of data. The company’s products integrate data visualizations, complex analytics and data mining to address challenges in the areas of intelligence and cyber-network operations. Visionist helps its clients identify trends, anomalies and data of interest, as well as providing tools to help detect intrusion and perform forensics.

Quick Tip: “By treating our employees exceptionally well and ensuring they work on projects that match their skills and that they are passionate about, they will do an exceptional job, which will make the client very happy.”

President Chris Berry founded the company along with vice president Brian Lehman and a few other minority owners. “We knew when we founded Visionist in 2010 that our employees would be the key to our success, and I’m reminded all the time that our employees continue to be the drivers of our success and growth,” says Berry. “I had a customer tell me last week that the key reason he has been increasing the amount of work he gives Visionist is because we have outstanding employees.” Those outstanding employees, Berry says, are the result of a culture that emphasizes the benefits of teamwork and collaboration.