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Location: Baltimore, MD
Founded: 2012
Industry: Events and sports marketing


Jenna Raglani
Partner and CEO


Vibrancy21 is defined by three categories: sports, marketing and events. “We are known for hosting unforgettable, premier events with local NFL athletes that benefit local and national charities,” says partner and CEO Jenna Raglani. In addition to celebrity charity events, Vibrancy21 offers a number of additional marketing services such as corporate event management, athlete special appearances and nonprofit management. “It is our goal as a company to be ever evolving, while staying true to our founding principles,” says Raglani.

Quick Tip: “Great leaders don’t tell you what to do — they show you how it’s done.”

A key component of Vibrancy21’s growth is impressing new NFL players who may become future clients. “Many of these athletes are introduced to us by our existing partnerships with their teammates. Once a new player sees or attends our events, it leads to new opportunities for both our company and their brand,” says Raglani. “As we become a household name in Baltimore, it’s important to our growth to build on the foundation that our reputation has provided us.” Vibrancy21’s five-year goal is to expand to at least one other market. “We want to share what we do with another community, possibly on the East Coast, and build relationships with more charities and businesses,” says Raglani. “We also want to take our Vibrancy21 staff on an awesome retreat that gives them time out of the office to build a relationship as a team and enjoy themselves.”