VersaTech, Inc.

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Location: Columbia, MD
Founded: 2005
Industry: Technology

3-Time Winner

VersaTech, Inc.

Jason Peay
President and CEO


VersaTech, Inc. provides management and technology solutions to clients including federal agencies as well as state, local, nonprofit and private entities. The company’s services span the entire lifecycle of a project: planning, requirements analysis, design, procurement, installation, training and maintenance. “My vision when I started VersaTech was to be an innovative company that was known for hard work and dedication to customers,” says president and CEO Jason Peay. “I want VersaTech to be the catalyst of how people communicate and interact with one another.”

Quick Tip: “You will outgrow your management team and will need to add more people to that team to keep pace with growth.”

Peay attributes VersaTech’s growth to an emphasis on three principles: focus, innovation and solutions. “These three principles helped create a company culture that flourishes internally and externally,” Peay says. As a result, “we win a lot of repeat business and grow within organizations after we get our first opportunity.” Over the next five years, Peay wants VersaTech to launch into the mobile app space. “I see us continually being a major player in the federal government, and also branching out into the commercial, state and local business markets.”