Valsatech Corp.

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Location: Ellicott City, MD
Founded: 2008
Industry: Technology

2-Time Winner

Valsatech Corp.

Chandra Sekhar Sabbavarpu


Valsatech Corp. provides end-to-end testing solutions designed to increase software quality, reliability and security, while decreasing the costs associated with development, implementation and support. “Our mission is to help our clients deliver ‘bug-free’ and secure products,” says CEO Chandra Sekhar Sabbavarpu. Valsatech has expertise in health IT testing, including the newly mandated medical coding system ICD-10.

Quick Tip: “We have invested heavily in R&D teams to create innovative solutions. It has driven business growth, and these innovative solutions helped us stand apart in a competitive world.”

One of the biggest challenges Valsatech has faced is attrition. “It was difficult to retain highly skilled resources for long,” says Sabbavarpu. “Eventually, the attrition rate went down, and we have long-term employees contributing to our projects’ success with responsibility and passion.” The lesson learned? “Always keep employees happy” with structured benefits and an empowering work environment. One day, Sabbavarpu hopes, Valsatech will be among the top 10 testing services companies in the world.