The Beliveau Group

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Location: Pikesville, MD
Founded: 2013
Industry: Real estate

The Beliveau Group

Tina Beliveau
Founder and CEO


The Beliveau Group provides residential real estate services in the Baltimore metro region. “We [make] a difference in the lives of the people we serve by meeting their goals, acting with integrity, and building life-long relationships that lead to constant referrals and repeat business,” says founder and CEO Tina Beliveau. “In the early growth phase of our company, we operated with no advertising, gaining business strictly on word of mouth and the quality of our work.”

Quick Tip: “When you’re willing to look at yourself with complete honesty, and take action on the input of trusted advisers in your world, anything is possible for yourself and those you lead.”

As The Beliveau Group continued to grow, it implemented a strategic hiring system to ensure it was bringing the most talented professionals aboard. “Using the models of Keller Williams, we have fine-tuned our hiring process to determine great matches with a high likelihood of success in the role,” says Beliveau. However, The Beliveau Group isn’t content with just making good hires. “It is critical to continually top-grade our systems, team members and leadership abilities,” says Believeau. “The success of The Beliveau Group rises and falls on leadership. By investing in developing the leadership abilities of every person in our organization, we are guaranteed to keep growing and enjoy the journey together.”