Team Cam, LLC

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Location: Linthicum Heights, MD
Founded: 2008
Industry: Construction

Team Cam, LLC

Ryan Blades
President and CEO


Team Cam, LLC performs commercial construction services in the Baltimore-Washington metro area. The company’s wide range of services has been a key factor in its growth, says president and CEO Ryan Blades: “We are able to be more competitive with our bids because we overlap our services instead of having our clients use multiple contractors. In addition, we are also able to leverage our services by changing our marketing efforts during season changes, allowing us to keep our staff employed throughout the winter months.” Similarly, Team Cam maintains a diversified client base, with no single customer accounting for more than 10 percent of the company’s business.

Quick Tip: “Anytime I have ever suffered a hardship, whether in business or in personal life, I have always done what I know best: work hard, both physically and mentally.”

Blades started Team Cam at the age of 24, which meant he faced even more daunting challenges than other leaders. “My largest challenge has been establishing credibility both with employees and clients at a young age,” he says. Blades gained employees’ respect through his hands-on construction experience, which included working at job sites during the company’s startup phase. Over the next five years, the plan is for Team Cam to grow organically and eventually explore expansions.