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Location: Owings Mills, MD
Founded: 1999
Industry: Printing/marketing

2-Time Winner

Strategic Factory

Keith Miller
President and CEO


“When I bought a struggling Minuteman Press franchise in 1999, I had just relocated from South Africa and had no knowledge of American business practices or of printing in general,” says Keith Miller,  president and CEO of Strategic Factory. “I wanted to take part in the American Dream, and believed that with hard work and perseverance, my business would succeed and flourish.” Miller started with two employees and 800 square feet. Today, his business has multiple locations throughout Maryland. Strategic Factory is the master brand for several agencies, including the flagship printing and mailing company Miller’s Minuteman Press.

Quick Tip: “One of the most valuable lessons we’ve learned is that change is inevitable, so you may as well embrace it.”

Miller recognized the need for a single source where customers could acquire business and marketing collateral for a competitive price. He decided to create different agencies under the same master brand, allowing Strategic Factory to cater to all marketing needs under the same roof. The company’s growth has also been fueled by advancements in printing technology. “New technology has enabled us to increase our revenue while reducing waste,” Miller says. “We have direct-image machines that are fast and efficient, while producing high-quality prints with guaranteed consistency in color from job to job.”