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Location: Baltimore, MD
Founded: 2003
Industry: Media/PR

12-Time Winner

Rooftop Communications, LLC

Barbara Brotman Kaylor
President and CEO


The founding vision of Rooftop Communications, LLC was to create advertising and PR that makes readers stop and think about what they are seeing. “The result of the reader taking that extra few seconds looking at our clients’ materials is better name recognition of the product,” says president and CEO Barbara Brotman Kaylor. “Seeing that spark generates an unparalleled excitement that keeps everyone focused and ready to step up to the next challenge.”

Quick Tip: “The dedication demonstrated by Rooftop team members results in the longevity and loyalty of our client relationships.”

One challenge has been fostering cooperation between the creative and account management teams. “We have found ways to positively and proactively work together, eliminating any sort of tension between the two areas of the agency. I have learned that when the teams work well together, communication will be stronger, and the final product for the client will be its best,” Brotman Kaylor says. She credits much of the agency’s success to talented staff. Rooftop keeps its team members happy with flexible hours, an open-door policy and a commitment to ongoing education. The agency’s engaged team has enabled it to pursue an aggressive growth plan. For example, Rooftop reached its 10-year goal in half that time.