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Location: Annapolis Junction, MD
Founded: 2009
Industry: Healthcare

3-Time Winner

Proove Biosciences

Brian Meshkin
President and CEO


Using its bioinformatics platform, Proove Biosciences combines genetic and clinical data to create easy-to-understand profiles that empower physicians and patients to better manage conditions based on objective and predictive information. This reduces reliance on “trial-and-error” approaches to medication selection and dosing, says Brian Meshkin, Proove’s president and CEO. The company has grown from three employees and 150 tests in 2011 to more than 200,000 tests and 250 employees in 2016 — and it is poised to continue that growth trajectory.

Quick Tip:  “In a growing organization, it is critical to build trust and enthusiasm as the team expands. In-person discussions are critical to establishing this trust.”

“From Proove’s inception, our mission has been focused on improving the quality of life of patients who are affected by our nation’s largest and most expensive health condition — pain,” says Meshkin. “We are doing our part to contribute to a healthier society.” Proove’s suite of products addresses many common problems associated with pain, assesses serious issues surrounding dosing and addiction to opioid and prescription medication, and evaluates the effectiveness of treatment alternatives. “Our goal is to inform physicians, payers, policymakers and the public that there is a better way to assess pain rather than using a subjective 1-to-10 scale,” says Meshkin.