One Source Imaging Solutions, Inc.

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Location: Baltimore, MD
Founded: 2002
Industry: Technology

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One Source Imaging Solutions, Inc.

Jim Riley
General Manager


Originally started as a copier and printer company, One Source Imaging Solutions, Inc. has evolved to offer managed IT consulting and support, 3D printing technology, document management and many other services. “The worlds of document management, telephony and IT services are merging to provide customers’ technology under one roof,” says Jim Riley, general manager. “That’s why we assembled our leadership team with more than 75 years of consulting and service experience in the IT industry. Our goal is simple: to provide a strategic and competitive edge for all of our clients, improve their efficiencies and ultimately improve their bottom line.”

Quick Tip: “[Being a great leader] has nothing to do with the title you have been given. You have to earn it and claim it for yourself.”

The most important lesson in leading a fast-growth company has been to keep up the communication at all times, says Riley. “When [communication] occurs, it has helped us grow tremendously.” Over the next five years, Riley sees One Source growing mainly through its IT services, document and print management, and process improvement divisions. “Besides revenue, I want to continue to build this organization with people who want to be part of this growth and will envision One Source as a long-term place of employment,” says Riley.