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Location: Annapolis, MD
Founded: 1999
Industry: Technology solution provider, digital transformation


Michael Tanenhaus
Founder and CEO


Mavenspire’s work is guided by the values of expertise, inspiration, focus, quality and consistency — collectively known as “The Mavenspire Way,” says founder and CEO Michael Tanenhaus. Defining and honing those values has made it easier to strike out into key partnerships with other businesses. “We seek out opportunities to partner, to blend and fuse with other businesses to make all of us better and more effective,” says Tanenhaus. “We’ve entered into close partnerships — like our exclusive partnership with Dell — that would have been utterly incomprehensible in our early years. We’ve defined our own identity clearly enough that we don’t risk it by connection and partnering; we know who we are and what we offer.”

Quick Tip: “You have to believe implicitly in the worth of the people within the company, as well as your clients and partners.”

Tanenhaus’ main challenge has been to build Mavenspire into a company that is “bigger than one, two or even six people, however talented they are,” he says. “Nothing is more satisfying than building something that lasts, and something that is bigger than yourself.” Shepherding the business along its growth journey has in some ways resembled being a parent, he notes. “You want to raise your children to become their own people, to think and act for themselves. You provide a solid foundation, teach them your beliefs and ethics — and then watch as they become whatever they are going to become.”