Lorax Partnerships, LLC

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Location: Baltimore, MD
Founded: 2003
Industry: Real estate, professional services

Lorax Partnerships, LLC

Neal Fiorelli


Lorax Partnerships, LLC works in green building and business sustainability consulting. “Our mission is simple: Provide our clients the means to minimize their environmental impact [in terms of] where they work and how they work, while helping them save money and improve their bottom line,” says principal Neal Fiorelli. About 70 percent of Lorax’ booked business is with repeat clients, with much of the rest coming from referrals, he says. “A highly service-oriented staff has always been what sets us apart, and that translates into business.”

Quick Tip: “The really good leaders I’ve experienced in my career know how to articulate the purpose of their vision, clearly state the objectives, and then step aside and let the right talent lead the charge.”

One challenge for Lorax has been anticipating the next wave of growth so it could time its hiring just right. For example, the company had ramped up its staffing in 2008, just in time for the downturn, but was able to keep everyone on board and avoid cutting salaries during the tough times. “When things really started to pick up, we were ready to hit the ground running,” says Fiorelli. To position itself for the future, Lorax is expanding its focus to move beyond how buildings are designed, constructed and operated, to how the businesses within interact with their neighboring businesses, and how they interconnect within the community.