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Location: Baltimore, MD
Founded: 2011
Industry: Technology services

2-Time Winner

Horsetail Technologies

Mark Berman and Christopher Sachse


Horsetail Technologies provides technology projects, consulting and managed services to highly regulated industries across the country, helping them manage security and compliance. “Many IT companies focus on all industries in a geographic region,” says CEO Christopher Sachse. “We, however, focus on a specific subset nationally, and it has paid dividends.” One industry Horsetail focuses on particularly is credit unions. “That focus has allowed us to be efficient in our service delivery and has created a platform for referrals within the industry,” Sachse says.

Quick Tip: “The two factors that have contributed to our success have been focus and emphasis on service.”

Over the years, Horsetail has learned the importance of building culture. “While a strong strategy and suite of products is critical, if you don’t have the people and the culture to execute the strategy, success will never be realized,” says Sachse. “I have also learned that culture changes. As the company changes, growth occurs and the market changes, so must your culture. Like strategy, culture will need be evolved and innovated each year.” Sachse believes that the process of defining culture starts with high-level vision statements and values, but shouldn’t stop there. “Defining behaviors that emulate the desired vision allows employees to better understand how to execute and behave in our culture,” he says.