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Location: Timonium, MD
Founded: 2005
Industry: Professional services

5-Time Winner

Hartman Executive Advisors

Dave Hartman

Marie Hartman
Executive Vice President


Dave Hartman and his wife Marie founded Hartman Executive Advisors 11 years ago. Based on his IT and business leadership experience, it would have been easy for Hartman to start an IT services firm. He realized, however, that there was a gap in the middle market that had not yet been filled. Hartman took a leap of faith and decided to pursue a new concept that would help mid-market companies and nonprofit organizations align innovative IT solutions with overall business strategy.

Quick Tip: “To grow and succeed, leaders need to step outside their comfort zones and push their business to take risks.”

“Over the years, Marie and I have learned how incredibly important it is to have the right people in the right roles,” says Dave Hartman. “Our hiring process at Hartman has developed and evolved over the years and has proved successful in terms of employee retention. We’ve developed a methodology for hiring and onboarding employees that includes many elements for evaluating potential candidates and determining proper fit.” That hiring methodology can sometimes take a little more time than candidates may be used to, but the result is worth it, he says. “We try to do it right, and we’ve been able to hire great people who stay with us because they love what they do and know they’re a critical part of the Hartman family.”