Greenspring Wealth Management

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Location: Towson, MD
Founded: 2004
Industry: Financial services

2-Time Winner

Greenspring Wealth Management

Patrick Collins and Joshua Itzoe
Partners and Managing Directors


Greenspring Wealth Management is a fee-only wealth management and retirement plan consulting firm with offices in Towson, MD, and Alpharetta, GA. Consistently ranked as one of the leading independent advisory firms in the U.S., Greenspring currently advises over 225 individual and more than 50 institutional clients. The company’s vision is “to serve others and have an impact in their lives.” Those others include clients, employees and the community.

Quick Tip: “Attracting and developing talent is probably the most important factor in our firm’s growth over time. We are in a service business, so having people who embody our values allows us to continue to expand our footprint.”

Greenspring’s growth has been spurred in part by a focus on niche markets. For example, the firm has built up substantial expertise in retirement plan consulting. Furthermore, the hiring of seasoned professionals has helped the firm build out its overall knowledge and experience. In five years, Greenspring envisions having at least three to five more partners and an employee population around 20. Partners and managing directors Patrick Collins and Joshua Itzoe plan to continue growing the firm, but also retain specialized areas that certain employees will focus on.