Glory Days Grill

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Location: Gaithersburg, MD
Founded: 1996
Industry: Restaurant and hospitality

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Glory Days Grill

Jeff Newman


Glory Days Grill’s founding vision was to stand out in a market of sports-oriented eateries that were catering almost exclusively to men, ignoring the fact that most women and children also like a variety of sports. “Glory Days Grill was designed to fill the void that existed in the marketplace and capture that underserved market niche,” says co-founder Jeff Newman. In accordance with that vision, Glory Days Grill strives for a family-friendly, casual dining atmosphere that can cater to both sports enthusiasts and other guests. The restaurant rolls out five seasonal menus each year. “These seasonal menus keep our team focused on great food and provide our guests with a greater variety of choices,” Newman says. Glory Days Grill also buys produce locally whenever possible.

Quick Tip: “Anyone can own and run a business, but they can’t do it alone. Success depends on the team that you hire and retain.”

Another major point of differentiation has been the company’s community engagement, which includes sponsorships, fundraisers and specific marketing events. “Each restaurant sponsors at least 20 local teams each year, and those teams return for victory parties, birthdays and family functions with relatives and friends,” Newman says. “This commitment to our neighbors exists at every level of the organization, including the corporate office and each restaurant.”