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Location: Baltimore, MD
Founded: 2007
Industry: Professional services

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Employee One Benefit Solutions

Brenndan Mohler
Principal and Managing Partner


Employee One Benefit Solutions was founded on the observation that the group health marketplace was rapidly evolving to where the needs of mid-market employers were outpacing the capabilities and resources of most brokerage firms catering to them. “We wanted to build a company that provided the technology, resources and guidance that are commonplace for most Fortune 500 companies, and scale that model to accommodate the middle market,” says Brenndan Mohler, principal and managing partner at Employee One.

Quick Tip: “Over-spend for great employees and empower them to help you shape the company for the future.”

Like many companies in the healthcare space, Employee One has experienced growth as employers look for help with the reporting requirements of the Affordable Care Act. “Employers now more than ever need to create efficiencies through technology and have outside regulatory compliance support to ensure they don’t run afoul of the law,” Mohler says. Another challenge facing Employee One’s clients is the consolidation of health insurance carriers, which has caused premiums to rise for group health insurance. “We began hiring great people and investing in resources early on, which enabled us to assist our clients in controlling their healthcare costs the way much larger companies have been doing,” says Mohler.