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Location: Annapolis, MD
Founded: 2009
Industry: Technology

3-Time Winner


Will Crump
President and CEO


DATUM LLC is an information management solutions company that “simplifies information complexity to realize the benefits of digital transformation faster, with less headcount,” says Will Crump, president and CEO. “Our significant growth has presented us with myriad opportunities to excel. The increase in the number of team members has affected every process and system in the company.” Even more challenging, 90 percent of the DATUM team works remotely. This meant the company needed a structured onboarding process that could adequately prepare new employees for next-day deployments. “Once we framed a fluid onboarding process, we were able to … prioritize our training needs and develop support for the identified gaps,” says Crump.

Quick Tip: “Legacies are the past; great for cocktail party chatter and glossy, hip books, but they don’t do much for us in the present. Leaders are present every day, all day.”

As DATUM has grown, the importance of culture as a factor in decision making has become apparent, says Crump. “While we know that we will miss the mark on some big decisions, … if we have the right culture supporting us, we can always fix ourselves.” Key tenets of that culture include an ownership mentality, but also likeability. “We are reminded daily that likeability is a key trait we have maintained all along the journey,” says Crump.