Daft McCune Walker, Inc.

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Lisa Gobrecht
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Location: Towson, MD
Founded: 1970
Industry: Land development consulting

Daft McCune Walker, Inc.

Lisa Gobrecht


Daft McCune Walker, Inc. (DMW) provides land development consulting services for developers, homebuilders, institutions, schools, architects and public agencies. “Just as it does for everyone else, the economy plays a large part in our business success,” says Lisa Gobrecht, president of DMW. “What we are experiencing now is projects taking longer to get started due to a tighter lending market.” Nevertheless, DMW has grown, thanks in part to its WBE certification, which is creating opportunities in the public sector. “DMW has always done public work, but in the last four years, we have seen that percentage increase by 10 to 15 percent,” says Gobrecht.

Quick Tip: “Don’t forget what it’s like to be an employee; what’s important to them is important to you.”

The company’s biggest challenge is staffing. During the recent downturn, many people left the construction industry, creating an unfilled need for workers with five to 10 years of experience. “DMW is trying to overcome this with internal training and mentoring,” says Gobrecht. “We spend a lot of time sharing information and knowledge, and giving staff the opportunity to share their ideas and knowledge. This gap is creating great opportunities for people to grow quickly throughout the industry.” For the future, DMW’s focus is on local expansion. “We feel there are plenty of opportunities for us to have a more solid standing in the area,” says Gobrecht.