Continental Clinical Solutions, LLC

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Location: Baltimore, MD
Founded: 2012
Industry: Healthcare

Continental Clinical Solutions, LLC

Saleh A. Stevens


Continental Clinical Solutions, LLC is a clinical trial research company focused on reducing community health disparities by managing pharmaceutical industry studies at its dedicated research facility and its community network sites. On the industry side, Continental helps pharmaceutical companies bring new drugs, devices and treatments to market through Food and Drug Administration approvals. On the community side, the company functions as a health advocate and liaison, introducing community members to the benefits of participation in clinical trials.  

Quick Tip: “A great leader can inspire great followers and inspire his followers to be great.”   

“Commitment to our core mission of expanding the diversity of patients and scientists who participate in clinical research introduced Continental to previously unforeseen business opportunities,” fueling the company’s growth, says CEO Saleh A. Stevens. Also helpful was a regulatory shift toward diversity mandates in clinical trials. Along the way, the most important lesson was that growth requires control. “Growth necessitates reevaluation, refined management, better staffing, better planning, better tracking and a host of other analyses and quality controls that, at the time, seem small enough that they can be addressed down the road when things slow down,” says Stevens. “However, without discipline, small problems can become large problems.”