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Location: Hunt Valley, MD
Founded: 2011
Industry: Accounting/consulting

2-Time Winner

ClearView Group

Brian M. Davis
Managing Director and CEO


ClearView Group’s founding vision was to be the destination of choice for the best CPAs and consultants in the region. In fact, one of the most valuable lessons the company has learned is that successful growth is “more about getting the right people than it is about getting a large number of people,” says Brian M. Davis, managing director and CEO of ClearView Group. “When you are growing rapidly, it is easy to fall into the trap of hiring people just to keep up with demand. With that approach, you end up having to kiss a lot of frogs, and it can often hamper growth. … When you get the right people, growth comes naturally.”

Quick Tip: “When the people working with you have the same values, it creates a culture and environment that is unique in most companies, and particularly in our industry.”

ClearView Group defines “the right people” as those who share the company’s values, which include an emphasis on trust and transparency. “The people who join us are here because we trust and believe in them, and vice versa,” says Davis. “This allows us to get away from the all-too-typical micro-managing you see in many firms. It also allows our team members freedom from constantly looking over their shoulders and wondering about where they stand in meeting expectations. It ultimately allows us to really focus on providing exceptional results to our clients.”