American Design and Build LTD./American Sentry Solar

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Location: Bel Air, MD
Founded: 1993
Industry: Construction

American Design and Build LTD./American Sentry Solar

Joseph Tunney
President and CEO


President and CEO Joseph Tunney founded American Design and Build LTD. in 1993 “to bring feelings of family, professionalism and trust to each one of our customers,” he says. In 2009, Tunney added a solar division, American Sentry Solar, to offer a solution to rising energy costs for homeowners. American Sentry Solar has since installed solar panels on thousands of homes in Maryland. “A vital element of the companies’ mission statement is to take care of the customer in any way possible,” says Tunney. As a result, “we have grandparents referring us to their grandchildren, children referring us to their parents.”

Quick Tip: “Open-mindedness allows a leader to hear new ideas from employees at all levels that can help the team achieve the desired objective in unique and creative ways.”

One challenge American Design and Build has had to contend with: changes in marketing and technology. “It’s easy to become comfortable with how things are done after it has worked at some point,” says Tunney. “We are starting to overcome these challenges by hiring younger people who have grown up and studied the advances in technology. … You must always keep looking ahead to see what advancement is coming next and how that might negatively or positively affect your particular business.” In five years, Tunney hopes to open three more solar offices and expand into the Delmarva area.