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Location: Baltimore, MD
Founded: 2010
Industry: Advertising and marketing

3-Time Winner

Ainsley & Co.

Thomas Ainsley


Ainsley & Co.’s mission is to answer a single question for its clients: “How can we grow?” Ainsley is a marketing and creative services agency serving small and medium-sized businesses. It helps clients accelerate sales and drive revenue through marketing campaigns designed to engage and delight. Those campaigns can include web design, brand videos and advertising that create interest in a client’s product and turn prospects into customers. “My vision is to be the firm that companies turn to to solve business marketing communications challenges,” says CEO Thomas Ainsley.

Quick Tip: “Without the right team in place, you’re never going to reach your goals. The ability to attract, hire and retain really smart, engaged people makes all the difference in the world.”

Joining the Emerging Technology Center at the Can Company in 2010 was a crucial factor in accelerating Ainsley & Co.’s growth. “We learned from other entrepreneurs that were growing alongside us, and I count many of those companies as friends and clients today,” says Ainsley. Another helpful factor has been the company’s complete regional focus on the Baltimore-Washington area.