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Location: Chantilly, VA
Founded: 1999
Industry: Professional services


Frank Policastro
Vice President of Finance and Administration

Committing to wellness: As part of its mission, Whereoware wants to build a corporate culture where employees can excel. To support this goal, the company offers comprehensive health benefits, a flexible schedule for working parents, a substantial paid-leave policy for vacation and mental health days, and more. “The intended outcome is happier, more productive employees,” says Frank Policastro, vice president of finance and administration at Whereoware.

FUN FACT: Originally, Whereoware signed up to get snack deliveries every other week, but the snacks went so quickly that the company switched to weekly delivery.

Special perks: Whereoware employees can coordinate with their managers to select work hours that work best for them and their families. This means some employees come in very early and leave mid-afternoon, while others prefer to sleep in and leave in the early evening. “We also allow employees to telework one or two days a week to alleviate the stress and cost of commuting,” says Policastro. To help employees eat healthier while in the office, Whereoware enrolled in SnackNation, a service that delivers a variety of healthy snacks each week.

Solid results: The success of Whereoware’s wellness program is measured predominantly in participation. Half of all employees participate in the company’s Work Out Challenge, and they collectively logged 843 miles over the first 20 days of May.